1. Quinn wears no. 4: salvatore ferragamo evening dress and jean-charles de castelbajac ski jacket

    This week, our shop mannequin quinn (named for obvious reasons) wears a pink ski jacket by french designer jean-charles de castelbajac over a knitted black evening gown by famed italian shoemaker (but also (slightly less-famed) clothesmaker) salvatore ferragamo.

    The dress (which I think is pretty special), was the starting point for this week's outfit. It's full length, made from an unexpectedly weighty knit fabric, and has a shallow, curved neckline but a dramatic, open back.

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  2. Modelled by (manne)Quinn no. 3: denim minidress with looney tunes trim by Iceberg

    A new addition since our move to the new shop in ebenezer place is a fiberglass mannequin, bought on facebook marketplace from a friendly couple named angela and roland. I plan to dress it every week or so + post the results when I do. I also decided to name the mannequin, and have settled on "Quinn". Because I like unwieldy word salad, and am easily amused, I will likely style its name “(manne)Quinn”.

    With that all out the way! This week (manne)Quinn is wearing an indigo denim minidress from italian label Iceberg.

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  3. Nathan holding a velvet skirt by yoshiki hishinuma next to sarah, who is wearing an identical yoshiki hishinuma skirt

    This silver velvet skirt by yoshiki hishinuma is a recent favourite thing. Partly for its material qualities: it’s shiny, and catches the light in a way I find delightful, and is one of the softest velvets I’ve had the good fortune to handle. But partly because there’s a story attached, the gist of which is: on boxing day an old friend walked into the shop wearing an identical skirt!
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  4. New website!

    Hello! We've just switched the filter store website over to a new theme! The text is larger, the menu is at the top now, and when you hover over a product it shows you a second picture of the product. There are a couple of new additions in particular that should make the website better and easier to use:
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