Modelled by (manne)Quinn no. 3: denim minidress with looney tunes trim by Iceberg

Modelled by (manne)Quinn no. 3: denim minidress with looney tunes trim by Iceberg

A new addition since our move to the new shop in ebenezer place is a fiberglass mannequin, bought on facebook marketplace from a friendly couple named angela and roland. I plan to dress it every week or so + post the results when I do. I also decided to name the mannequin, and have settled on "Quinn". Because I like unwieldy word salad, and am easily amused, I will likely style its name “(manne)Quinn”.

With that all out the way! This week (manne)Quinn is wearing an indigo denim minidress from italian label Iceberg. Part of their "history" line, which references or licences prints from various historical sources (often pop culture), this example takes a pretty subtle but I think very striking approach. It's a lovely shaped in a crisp denim fabric (with a bit of stretch), and finishing around mid thigh. The 'history' element takes the form of a narrow band of piping around the hem that is printed with various looney tunes elements, such as the word "looney tunes", a picture of bugs bunny, his catch phrase "what's up, doc?" and also some Iceberg branding thrown. I was particularly keen to photograph it on the mannequin because of how nicely-shaped it is, and my feeling that (manne)Quinn would show it off particularly well.

It was photographed here against the back curtain in the physical shop we share with shop pond, and the picture also features a vine-y plant stacked on top of a nathan peacock sculpture, and half of a chair. It's available for sale there, and here (on a product page on our website). There are lots of more pictures of it on that page, too.

The front of a denim minidress with looney tunes trim, by iceberg history, modelled by manne(Quinn)

A picture showing looney tunes trim

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