Eleven bags by jean colonna

Eleven bags by jean colonna

I really like jean colonna's clothes (for evidence, see this capsule collection of 103 jean colonna items I did a couple of years ago, and this short write up about his work). In part it's the mix of things he used and produced: beautiful, expensive fabrics and beautiful, cheap fabrics, hard, aggressive clothes, and soft, elegant ones.

I had a few of colonna's bags for the capsule, but not many, and broadly I'd say that containers are a category of thing I've neglected. So it struck me that putting together a very small collection of jean colonna's bags (it's really very small, just 11 bags) might be both an interesting way to expand the range of jean colonna things I've had through the shop, and also to start, slowly, ever so slowly, stocking more bags.

My favourite is perhaps this extremely tiny vinyl party bag (temporarily allowed to reside on a shelf normally reserved for sunglasses):

A picture of a tiny red embossed vinyl snakeskin pattern party bag!

I love the dimensions of it (very cute), really like the included (detachable) chain strap, and find that rich rich red very striking. It's also a good place to start because one of colonna's signature motifs was the use of animal prints, usually (or at least often) applied to synthetic materials like this embossed and printed vinyl. But there are a range of bags in a bunch of different shapes, sizes, and materials:

And a couple of rather handsome black leather bags:
If you'd like to see all 11 bags, you can, here.

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