New website!

New website!

Hello! We've just switched the filter store website over to a new theme! The text is larger, the menu is at the top now, and when you hover over a product it shows you a second picture of the product. There are a couple of new additions in particular that should make the website better and easier to use:

  1. When browsing the collection you can now filter the products based on several criteria (laughable perhaps that a shop named "filter store" is only getting this functionality now, but we're going to throw ourselves into it with gusto don't you worry). So if you go to the outerwear collection for example, you'll notice if you click on the 'filter' button on the bar just above where the first products appear, you can filter products in (or out) based on the product type (blazers / coats / jackets / suits and sets / vests), the brand (too / many / to / list / here), the price (from ___ to ___ ), and so on. Best of all (but perhaps this is obvious?) you can filter based on several criteria at a time.
  2. You can now see full resolution images of filter store garments when viewing product pages. We strive to produce highly detailed product images, and spent quite a lot of time (especially since early 2020) getting our photo setup right. But on the old website, it wasn't possible (without using the old 'right click --> open image in new tab' trick) to view the images we took of garments at full size. But now, you can! For example, if you go to this listing for a beige moleskin blazer by french designer jean colonna and click on the first product photo, it will open an 'image zoom' view. If you then click on an area near the chest and zoom in, you should be able to clearly make out the unsightly yellow splotches staining the blazer's front. This is super exciting. First because filter store is a shop, and detailed product photos help potential buyers get a sense for what they're potentially buying. But /also/ because we've always thought that if we can make really, really good, detailed, high resolution pictures of the garments, they might serve as a useful or at least interesting record of the garments for people to look at later.
  3. We've cleaned up the site navigation (which had been a bit of a mess). This isn't strictly to do with the new theme but doing the new theme finally provided the impetus to do it.
  4. Everything just looks nicer (subjective).
  5. We've finally made a blog! And we'll aim to update it every so often, either with (maybe boring?) news-y items like this, but also information about physical events happening at a flat shop (the physical space in adelaide, australia which is also filter store's home), information about electronic events happening at filter store (??), thoughts and observations on subjects to be determined, and possibly links to articles and other websites.

I think that's it for the post pretty well. Looking forward to hearing any feedback on the new site - please share if you have any! A few more snaps from the new site below (something funny perhaps (if easily amused) about pasting screenshots of the site you're currently browsing, into a blog post on the site you're currently browsing):


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