Shopping Bag Design in Japan [Hideo Saitoh 1988]


Extensive survey of japanese shopping bags, japanese shopping bag design, compiled in 1988 by hideo saitoh. He explains: "shopping bags have become an integral part of the services provided by stores...with the growing awareness that shopping bags could act as moving "billboards", more energy has been put into this element of corporate identity, leading to the emergence of higher quality designs. Also of great importance is the likelihood of repeated use and the resulting conservation of natural resources, which occur if the customer finds the bag visually pleasing." In addition to countless (whenever writing this, can't help think obviously it could be counted) photographs of various japanese shopping bags (organised by category), book contains short, interesting section outlining how shopping bags are manufactured (or at least, how they were manufactured in 1988, in japan).

We also have a copy of the second volume, shopping bag design 2, available here.


Japanese and english, hardcover, 240 pages
23.5 x 30.8 cm
Published by bijutsu shuppan-sha