Kostas Murkudis navy red striped wool organza abdomen pocket long sleeve top - S


Longsleeve crew neck top by greek-german designer kostas murkudis, made from a real lovely wool-acrylic jersey with a real intense navy/red/white diagonal stripe. All in all, simple jersey top apart from one very unusual detail, an "embroidered organza abdomen pocket" (quoting notes made earlier). Possible (likely) pocket isn't actually at abdomen but it sounded too good to describe otherwise, and regardless: there's a slit on the right of the top which reveals a pocket lined with a piece of embroidered organza fabric (first time encountering an organza pocket bag on a non-organza garment, let alone an embroidered organiza pocket bag on a non-organza garment). The hem has been finished in such a way that a small portion of organza pocket bag visible on outside of the top.

Good condition, with minor pilling and wear.

Size S (mens)
Check measurements to confirm fit
All measurements taken flat

Shoulder width: 39 cm

Width (at underarms): 45 cm
Length (neck to hem): 66.5 cm
Sleeve length: 64.5 cm
Hem width: 44 cm

52% wool 48% acrylic
Made in austria