17 (mostly) waterproof Peter Storm jumpers, 3 waterproof Peter Storm beanies, and 1 non-waterproof SA Metropolitan Fire Service jumper manufactured by Silver Fleece, listed for sale July 15, 2021

A collection of knitted jumpers, most of them by british outdoor company peter storm (read more about peter storm here if you're so inclined). The majority have also been treated with their 'W.1 proofing', which makes the jumpers somewhere between waterproof and functionally water repellent (water still gets in between gaps in the knit). There are also a few waterproof beanies, with the same waterproofing applied, a few earlier (pre-waterproofing) peter storm jumpers, and one jumper manufactured by adelaide-based Silver Fleece for the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service. All listed below/here.