Yoshiki Hishinuma denim skirt with painted and embroidered patches - size 38


Denim skirt by yoshiki hishinuma, made from stiff, substantial indigo cotton denim with 5% polyurethane for comfort. Skirt has straightish, gently flared shape, with several painted and embroidered embellishments (each a layer of paint, with text embroidered on top) that seem (to the eyes writing this anyway) to be aping the appearance of patches. On the left, a green 'patch' that says "SLOGAN ©" above a brown 'patch' that says "FOoL.", and on the right a white 'patch' that says "VENUS". The back much plainer, with just one: the word "INDIGO" embroidered near center back waist, sans 'patch' (embroidery only). Unclear on the meaning of any of these (indigo perhaps referencing denim, slogan referencing branded/logo/slogan graphics on clothes? unsure, and totally unsure on fool and venus, perhaps no meaning at all), but like them, especially the way part of 'VENUS' (really, the 'V') starts at the back and snakes around to the front.

Another detail of note the very elaborate, multicolour material used as facing for the waist (see pictures 10-11). Otherwise, as you might expect for denim skirt, quite denim-y details: curved pockets at the waist, orange contrast topstitching, yadda yadda yadda.

Size 38 (designed to be belted - may also fit larger)
Check measurements to confirm fit
All measurements taken flat

Waist (circumference): 78 cm
Hip width: 48 cm
Total length: 58.5 cm
Slit length: 15.5 cm
Hem width: 55 cm

95% cotton 5% polyurethane
Made in japan
Circa 1990s