+81 Plus Eighty One magazine #13 [winter 2001 / photographer issue: new york tokyo]


Issue #13 / winter 2001 issue of tokyo-based magazine +81 / plus eighty one ('creativity on the line'), the "photographer issue: new york / tokyo". Includes samples of work by and quite detailed interviews with the following photographers: mark borthwick, philip-lorca dicorcia, roxanne lowit, kate orne, and luis sanchis (new york) and motoko, rosemary, mikiya takimoto, and shingo wakagi (tokyo).

December 2001
Japanese and English, 96 pages
22.6 x 27 cm
Published by kawadeshobo shinsha


Via the website of +81 / plus eight one: "+81 is a visual magazine launched out of Tokyo in 1997. From graphic design to fashion, photography, film, and music, +81 covers creative scenes around the world with a different theme every issue through inter- views with artists along with samples of their artwork. +81 has also won much support for the distinctive editorial design of its pages. All articles are printed bilingually in both Japanese and English, which has lead to +81 being carried at booksellers not only in Japan but in many other countries in the Americas, Europe, and Asia as well."