• Messengers Style: Philippe Bialobos [2000]

Messengers Style: Philippe Bialobos [2000]

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Copy of "messengers style" by philippe bialobos, with text by valerie steele: "messengers: fast, furious, athletic, stylish. Whether weaving through city traffic at breakneck speed or hanging out on the sidewalk, today's bike messengers are the ultimate in urban style. Because of their trend-setting influence in such areas as attitude, music, and sports, this book is a statement on the driving engine of a high-energy city. Here, for the first time, New York City bikers are taken off the street and into the studio. Bialobos has shot a series of rhythmic, colorful portraits which perfectly frame the messengers' offbeat appearances and transfixing physical presences. The images are accompanied by various poems written by messengers hailing from across the country."

English, softcover, 100 pages
23.5 x 28.58 cm
Published by assouline

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