Maison Martin Margiela 6 2000s khaki mesh zipped singlet / tote bag - womens S


A khaki singlet / tote bag by maison martin margiela. Produced in the early 2000s as part of line 6 and made from what is, and what is accordingly stamped as a "LIGHT WEIGHT" cotton mesh, the garment appears at first to be a relatively simple, somewhat seethrough singlet. However, a chunky metal zip (with neat fabric pull!) at the hem allows the singlet to be turned into a tote bag. We like to imagine situations where you take off your singlet in order to be able to use it as a bag when you end up needing to carry more than anticipated, and situations in the other direction where you empty the contents of your tote bag in order to lend it to a friend who is caught without a top. We're not sure how often these situations would actually arise in the lives of people, but we like to imagine them all the same.

Due to the seethrough fabric, a mottled and reversed version of the "LIGHT WEIGHT" paint stamp at the back neck can be seen on the outside of the back neck (which really is still the back neck, but just the outside version of it).

Marked size S
Check measurements to confirm fit
All measurements taken flat

Shoulder to shoulder: 32 cm
Width (chest): 40.5 cm
Length (back neck to hem): 55.5 cm
Hem width: 38 cm

100% cotton
Made in italy
Early 2000s