Jean Colonna sheeny black tube dress or double-layered skirt - size 38


A dress or skirt by french designer jean colonna, made from a single, very long tube of black polyester fabric with thin strips of elastic at both ends. This allows the garment to be worn fully extended, as a strapless dress, or folded onto itself to create a skirt. When in skirt form it has a kind of puffiness (this often seems to happen in my experience with double-faced garments, which this almost is (when worn that way)).

There is a version of the dress in a slightly larger size here.

Size 38 (IT womens/unisex)
Check measurements to confirm fit
All measurements taken flat

Width (at underarms): 25 cm
Waist width: 45 cm
Length (as dress): 125 cm
Length (as skirt): 62.5 cm
Hem width (as dress): 25 cm
Hem width (as skirt): 45 cm

100% polyester
Made in italy
1990s (1997 or later)

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