Cosmic Wonder Free Press 1 [2007]


First issue of a periodical produced in 2007 by japanese brand cosmic wonder, in conjunction with publisher nieves. Serves as visual documentation of three specific projects: cosmic wonder, cosmic wonder light sources, and yukinori maeda. The publication contains images relating to all three projects, with some introductory text on the cover.

We also have a (promotional?) t-shirt with the cover of cosmic wonder free press 1 printed on it, which you can find here.

English / french / japanese, softcover booklet, 48 pages
19.5 x 25.5 cm
Published by nieves, zurich


More about cosmic wonder free press 1, via the website of publisher nieves: “With aim to further reflect and pursue the expanding expression onto each particular direction, in 2007, Cosmic Wonder is announcing three projects with distinct processes: Cosmic Wonder, Cosmic Wonder Light Source and Yukinori Maeda.

The new unconventional periodical publication Cosmic Wonder Free Press was produced to lay out the three projects with visuals. It is the first in a series of special collaborations between Cosmic Wonder and Nieves. Cosmic Wonder Free Press will be published with free pace and free format as its title suggests.

COSMIC WONDER Since its debut Paris collection in 2000 at the Centre Pompidou, Paris Fashion Week has been the principal forum for presenting the works of COSMIC WONDER. From now on, however, COSMIC WONDER is ever widening its focus to further its exploration of installation and performance in venues around the world. Their projects later this year include an art book, ''Hidden Path of Light COSMIC WONDER," published by Nieves, and in October, a new installation and performance to be exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art,Tokyo.

COSMIC WONDER Light Source Starting this year, COSMIC WONDER Light Source is on exhibit for Paris Fashion Week and at the same time it has become the sole fashion project of COSMIC WONDER. The collection is introduced to encourage people to wear these clothes in their daily life, so that they may delight in discovering anew the spirit within them.

Yukinori Maeda After studying architecture, Maeda started his creative activities as COSMIC WONDER. In recent years, he has been actively creating and exhibiting his personal artistic works in parallel with his achievements as COSMIC WONDER. For 2007, Maeda has confirmed his participation in the coming traveling exhibition starting in Poland. Also confirmed is an exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, and here he will attempt to president two separate creative endeavors as COSMIC WONDER and artist Yukinori Maeda, in one exhibition.”