Yoshiki hishinuma in the fashion gallery of the gemeentemuseum, the hague

Catalog produced to coincide with major exhibition of garments by japanese designer yoshiki hishinuma from the collection of the gemeentemuseum in the hague in the netherlands (as of 2019, renamed the kunstmuseum den haag). As outlined in the introduction, the exhibition was "the first dedicated to a living designer in the new Fashion Gallery of the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag", and only the second exhibition of any fashion designer after a show covering the work of Madeleine Vionett (deceased, hence not living). 

Gives a detailed overview of hishinuma's career and work up to the time of publication (1999), including: details about his study, time working at issey miyake, descriptions of and images showing hishinuma's studio and working methods, thoughts offered by hishinuma about his approach, interests, and specific collections, and numerous, detailed images (of garments, editorial, etc).

The full JPEG spreads (formatted versions of scans made march 28, 2022) below. Or you can download a high resolution PDF, laid out to match the dimensions of the physical volume (31.5cm x 24cm). We recommend the PDF for best viewing on desktop, or if you want to make your own copy of the catalog PIY-style (like DIY but P, so, print it yourself. Download this version by clicking here

And finally, you'll find some yoshiki hishinuma garments (some available for sale, some sold previously) here.